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Pyramid with Red Forest Fruit Ganache

Recipe by: Callebaut Chocolate Academy

From: Callebaut


  • 4.5 cl Cointreau 60% vol
  • 7.5 cl raspberry liqueur 50% vol
  • 320 g white chocolate Callebaut Excellent W or Select W2
  • 22 g glucose
  • 35 g raspberry pulp
  • 21 g red forest fruit (Cloudberries and/orLingonberries) pulp
  • 1/2 vanilla pod
  • tempered white chocolate Callebaut Excellent W or Select W2 for moulding
  • tempered dark chocolate Callebaut Chocolat d'Origine Sao Thomé for moulding


Fill the points of the pyramid moulds with the white chocolate.

Leave to harden before you mould the rest of the moulds with the dark chocolate.

Leave to harden further.

Bring the Cointreau together with the raspberry liqueur to boil and remove from the heat.

Add the chocolate in pieces and mix with the liqueur until you have a smooth mixture.

Add the glucose.

Mix the forest fruit pulp and the raspberry pulp together with the vanilla into the ganache so that you get a deeper red colour.

Leave to cool.

Pour the filling into the moulds up to 1 mm from the edge and close the moulds with tempered dark chocolate.