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Truffle Javanesk

Recipe by: Callebaut Chocolate Academy

From: Callebaut


  • 250 g Chocolat d'Origine Java - Milk chocolate
  • 75 g milk
  • 5 g aniseed
  • 100 g cream (35% fat)
  • 25 g honey
  • 50 g butter


Boil the cream together with the honey

Meanwhile heat up the milk with the aniseed, let it brew and sieve. Add the milk to the cream. Chop the Origin Select Java into small pieces and stir these through the milk-cream mixture.

Let it cool down until approximately 25°C.

Finally mix the butter briefly through it.

Spread this truffle mass on a stainless steel tray and let it stiffen in the refrigerator until the mixture can be piped.

Pipe oval truffles with a smooth nozzle of approx. 8 mm Ø (the length of a straight line through the center of a round object). Let them cool down and then dip them into tempered Chocolat d'Origine Java chocolate.

Then roll them in shavings of Origin Select Java.