Find Chocolate App

Find Chocolate Help for iPhones

Instructions for getting the most from your download of Find Chocolate!

Download the app from the iTunes app store. It’s free !


Launch Find Chocolate

Launch Find Chocolate

Launch Screen

Location Screen Might Appear

The app uses the location awareness
built into your device.

Find Chocolate will prompt you for permission to use your current loca-
tion, or to turn on location services.

Chocolate Shops Near Your Location

The app looks for chocolate shops nearby your location and displays a list -
with the closest shop first.

Scroll down to see all the shops.

If there are no shops within 25 miles/40 km
the app will prompt you to expand
its search to a larger area.

Flip your phone sideways for the MAP View!

Flip your phone for the Map View

(Use your fingers to zoom in/out by pinching)

Select a shop on the map

Chocolate Shop Details

From the list or from the MAP view,
select any shop to get more details.

On the detail page you'll find:
Link to the shop’s website
User ratings
User photos

Add photos and Ratings

Scroll down the Details page to add your own rating and upload photos.

Get Directions to Chocolate Shop

Need Directions to the Shop?

From the selected shop detail page,
click the small map in the upper right
hand corner to get directions from
your current location to the shop.

Map Directions to Chocolate Shop

Hint: after using directions from Google
maps or browsing the linked shop websites, use the home button on your device to
return to your app list.

Then select the Find Chocolate app icon to return to the shop listings.

Add Location Button

If you want to add a shop to the list,
you can do that right from the app.

To begin, click the + button on the top right corner of the location list.

Add Chocolate Shop location

You’ll be prompted to add the address information, and the app will try to match
that address to existing locations it finds
in Google maps.

Refresh list of Chocolate Shops

When you change locations, the list of shops will need to be refreshed
based on your new location.

If you’ve closed the app while going to your new location, it will automatically
refresh when you open it again.

You can also manually refresh the list.

To do that, just drag your finger downwards starting from just below the search bar
You’ll notice that the entire list ‘slides’ down, and the app loads an updated list
based on your new location.

Travel Tip:

Before your trip, use the website to find
chocolate shops at your destination.

Once you get there, use Find Chocolate to pinpoint their location and get directions.