Find Chocolate App

Find Chocolate Help for Android Users

Instructions for getting the most from your download of Find Chocolate!

Download the app from the Android Market or Amazon Apps for Android. It’s free !

Find Chocolate App at the Android Market

Search “Find Chocolate” to locate the
app in the Android Market.
It’s Free

Tap Free to Install

Tap FREE to install.

Requires Permissions

Find Chocolate! requires your permission in order to find chocolate shops nearest you. It uses your current location to find shops, and it provides a link to the shop’s website

Location Services

Once the app is installed
look for the Find Chocolate! icon.
Tap it and you’re ready to Find Chocolate near you !

Chocolate Shops Near Your Location

Find Chocolate! uses your current location to provide a list of shops nearest you.
They’re listed in order from closest to furthest within 25 km.
You can also get a map view by clicking the Map button at the top right of the screen.

Map of Shops Near Your Location

From the map view, you can use the same button to ‘toggle’ back to the list view.

Select a shop from the list         Select a shop from the map

From either the map view or the list view,
tap a shop to get details and directions to that shop.

Chocolate Shop Details         Add a Rating

From this details page, you can add a rating, add photos and get directions.

Any photos you add will automatically be added to the page.

This page also links to the store’s website.

To get a map view, just click the Google map icon in the right hand corner

Map Directions to Chocolate Shop         Get Shop Directions

Use the map view to find the shop or get directions to the shop.

Add a shop to the map

Found a chocolate shop we've missed - just add to the map on the go!

Search for chocolate shops at your destination

Find Chocolate! uses your GPS to provide information on shops nearest you. That
means it will always find shops based on where you are.

But you can also look for shops in other cities and countries.

There are over 2000+ shops in our database, and it’s constantly growing

Use the MENU button on your phone to get Find Chocolate’s menu.

Click the ‘set location’ button to look for shops in a different location.

For instance, if you’re heading to Paris, you don’t have to wait
until you get there to Find Chocolate...

Search a new Location

After you click the “set location” button, type in the location where you want to
Find Chocolate.

Destination list

Find Chocolate! provides a new list of shops “near Paris”.
You can also see the same list in map view, and get shop details.

List of shops at destination

Just click the shop name to get details.

Destination Shop Details

Shop details page at your destination.