Family Favorites

Fannie May and Fanny Farmer Chocolates

H. Teller Archibald founded Fannie May in 1920 in Chicago. The business was a success and by 1935 he had expanded in the Midwest to over forty stores. During World War II, Fannie May continued to make their original recipes, even when ingredient supplies became scarce and they had to temporarily close stores due to a shortage of product. Fannie May introduced a number of well-known products: the pecan and caramel Fannie May Pixies in 1946; the chocolate and coconut Trinidad in 1970 and Eggnog Creams in 1989.

At the same time in 1919, Frank O’Connor, a Canadian, started his first Fanny Farmer Candies Shop in Rochester, NY using the popular name and image of Fannie Merritt Farmer. Fannie Farmer was a well-known cookbook writer and cooking school owner in the early 1900s. She taught many housewives of the day to cook and her books sold millions of copies. O’Connor had to change the spelling of Fannie’s name because the Fannie May brand was already established and he didn’t want the two confused. The shop was a success and Fanny Farmer Candies prospered in the eastern United States.

In 1992 the Archibald Candy Corporation bought Fanny Farmer Candies to add to their other brands, which included Fannie May and Laura Secord, with shops across Canada. In 2004, the company went into bankruptcy and closed all their locations.

Chicago-based Alpine Confections Inc. bought Fannie May and Fanny Farmer brands and named the division: Fannie May Confection Brands Inc., reopening 45 of the stores. In April 2006, signed an agreement to acquire the privately-owned Fannie May Confection Brands Inc. for a rumored $85 million.