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the artisans

Meet a group of artisan chocolatiers who are obsessed with quality craftsmanship, fine chocolate and fresh ingredients. Some started as pastry chefs and others are self-taught, their love of chocolate arts pushing them into the business. Whether they come from big cities or small towns, they have three things in common: a dedication to their business, curiosity and creativity in recipe development, and a deep respect for chocolate itself.

Chocolate products and chocolate shops come in all types and sizes. We
each have favorite brands, bonbons and bars, and, like wine, our chocolate
preferences are never right or wrong, good or bad. So buy your favorites and
thoroughly enjoy each chocolate moment!

Meet Roselen Chocolatier, Lima, Peru

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top chocolatiers

Chocolatier Interviews

Pam Williams connects with chocolatiers at the top of their craft—finding out what inspired them to make great chocolates for a living!

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family favorites

At we also celebrate North American chocolate makers who have been family favorites since shortly after the first settlers reached our shores. Most started by selling in small neighborhood shops, and some still do, including See's, Purdy's, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and others. Other chocolate makers, such as Whitman’s, Frederick & Nelson’s Frango Mints, and Brown & Haley Almond Roca, went on to distribute their boxed or tinned chocolates through pharmacies, groceries and retail stores.

These are some of your favorite makers of boxed chocolates across North America.