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Valrhona, Tain l'Hermitage, France

Chocolaterie du Vivarais was founded in 1922 by Monsieur Guironnet, a French Pastry chef from the Rhône valley. The factory was situated on the Rhône river where cocoa beans and supplies could be shipped in easily. In the 1950's the company changed its name taking its inspiration from Valley and Rhône, hence Valrhona. From that beginning as a small family business, the company now employs 250 and produces 3,500 tons of chocolate each year.

During the course of their history, and under Monsieur Guironnet's leadership, Valrhona decided to concentrate on fine flavor beans and produce a high quality chocolate. This led them to seek out fine flavor beans from plantations all over the World. Valrhona products became the chocolate used by pastry chefs in fine hotels and restaurants, and by fine chocolatiers in France.

In the 1980's Valrhona was the first to introduce chocolates that were labeled by origin and cocoa percentage with the launch of Guanaja. They also introduced their retail bars during this time as well, so chocolate aficionados, as well as chefs, could enjoy Valrhona flavor and quality. Now Valrhona bars are available from specialty retailers around the Globe.